Writing in response to “Can you teach what you do not know?”

Regarding Shonnie’s previous post, “Can You Teach What You Do Not Know,” I know for a fact that Shonnie’s intention (and mine, as well) is to be loving and respectful with Gracelyn at all times. Being human, we sometimes miss the mark. Shonnie has described such an example, and as for me, I sometimes get busy checking email or Facebook and don’t readily respond to Gracelyn’s eager calls to be with me in that moment.

Shonnie and I have an agreement to gently bring unloving or disrespectful actions to the other’s attention, and we have an agreement with Gracelyn to apologize to her when we act otherwise with her. This typically works very well, and having said that, both Shonnie and I have behaviors that have been brought into our consciousness through our desire to be the best parents possible so that Gracelyn has the opportunity to fully blossom into who she’s meant to be. Shonnie describes what she’s working on in her earlier post. For me, it’s about letting go of my mental to-do list and be present in the moment with Gracelyn as well as with others.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my partners in this journey-–Shonnie for her inviolable commitment to Gracelyn and for her unconditional love toward our baby . . . and Gracelyn for her joy for life and openness toward everything that comes her way, even when it’s one of us acting out our unresolved issues. I wouldn’t want to be going down this path at this point in my life with any other momma in the world or any other baby.


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