Hand me downs

We are blessed to be part of a community that has given Gracelyn many of the things she’s worn, played with, been carried in, or otherwise used during her first year here. It’s wonderful to be able to reuse these items as well as recycle them ourselves so other families can use them with their little ones. Of course these things are far from the only hand me downs she gets. In fact, she, and every one of us, is raised in part by hand me downs in the form of beliefs from our families, peers, community, and culture. These beliefs might take on several forms:

  • “truths” about us, others, or the world at large
  • fears and limiting ideas
  • traditions, customs, and habits
  • guesses (often labeled as “truths”) about life’s mysteries, including the afterlife or lack thereof
  • rules for how you “should” be or what you “should” do
  • myths, magic, or make-believe

So, before I write more on the subject, I’d like to pose a few questions to you. Feel free to answer just one or all of them (or none) in your comment.

  1. Which handed-down belief(s) have served you well?
  2. Which handed-down belief(s) have been handicaps for you?
  3. Did you consciously sort through your handed-down beliefs to choose which ones to keep and which to discard?
  4. Did you consciously aim to hand down certain things to your child(ren)? How did it work (or “is it working”)?

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