Gracelyn goes vertical

To the sober person adventurous conduct often seems insanity.
~Georg Simmel

On May 11, just days after her 8 month birthday, Gracelyn decided she needed to add a new skill to her repertoire — stair climbing. She scaled the 14 steps of our home staircase with determination and strength. Since then she’s gotten faster and is climbing with as much joy as grit. Below is a video of her third climb.


6 thoughts on “Gracelyn goes vertical

  1. Abby Bates

    She is so precious and Shonnie took the words out of my mouth ” amazing ” !!! Gracelyn is full of curiosity and love of life and as someone recently posted either here or on FaceBook – “it is because both of you give her such a calm and safe environment” in which to explore and learn ! Love all three of you …

  2. Jeri Clemons

    What a wonderful video. Gracelyn exploring a new
    venture. It’s is so great to see her, and listen to the excitement in her voice. You both sould be so proud of the amazing girl you have. We send our
    Love to all..Mom and Arlen

  3. Kali Brewer

    Thank you for sharing this incredible joy with us! My jaw hurts because I can’t wipe this huge smile off of my face. Ha ha ha ha!

    She is wonderful, of course!

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