Six months young (almost)

Monday, March 7 is Gracelyn’s six month birthday! (Begin your singing now.) It’s amazing how fast the time has flown, as I know all you parents completely understand. Our girl’s been doing some amazing things so we thought we’d share a few with you so you too can celebrate her journey of discovery and learning.

  • Yum, bananas!

    Gracelyn enjoyed her first “solid food” meal of mashed banana and breast milk on February 10. She’s eaten solid food once per week since then, and her diet has also included avocados and breast milk.

  • She’s been turning back to belly/belly to back and scooting backwards consistently since her five-month birthday. She can do 360 degree turns and also now scoots sideways and lunges forward. Full-fledged crawling isn’t far off.
  • She’s been sitting up unaided for a week or so now and likes to grab Bruce’s fingers to stand upright, then take a few tentative steps.
  • Toes, my favorite!

    Gracelyn is already doing yoga poses, including the cobra. In addition, she managed to get her toes in her mouth to celebrate her five month birthday and has been savoring them ever since.

  • She giggles and laughs a lot, especially when Shonnie plays peek-a-boo and other games with her.
  • She lights up every time one of our cats enters the room, especially when it’s Bandit, and the kitties have been very loving when she wants to pet them.
  • Sitting stong

    Gracelyn participated in her first swim lesson last week at the Y and really enjoyed being in the pool with us and the other babies and their parents. It was recommended that we fully submerge her at one point in the class, but we decided to wait a bit on that one.

  • Bruce has started giving Gracelyn a baby massage every night, which seems to help her ease into bedtime.
  • Shonnie and Gracelyn have been going to story time at the local public libraries every week. Gracelyn really enjoys the songs and movement, especially “riding the horsie.”

We’re so blessed and having a great time living our lives and learning new things each day. We thank you each for sharing this journey with us and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays.


6 thoughts on “Six months young (almost)

  1. Abby Bates

    She is growing up fast and she is so fortunate to have you and Shonnie as her parents and to share all these milestones with !!! Thank-you, too, for sharing the milestones with those of us who follow your blog !…

  2. Ooo, such a big girl! Love these updates cz we’re too far away to see them incrementally. We’re celebrating with you.
    About the swimming, some physician friends of mine had girl-boy twins and a swimming pool they didn’t want to cover up and worry about when the kids were learning to crawl and walk. So they studied up on how to teach babies to swim. I was startled to see her holding the 3-month-old girl in the pool, and the next second both of them going underwater for a moment. Both kids seemed to enjoy it, though. When I asked about it she said, “I blow in their faces, which makes them take in air. I immediately go under and back up. When they’re able to inhale and hold their own breath, we’ll stay under longer.”

    The kids were little fish in no time. They’re now 18 years old and have been swimming for all but 3 months of their lives.

  3. Loyd Kinnett

    Dear Ones – such fun to read all Gracelyn’s new discoveries and such proud parents loving her and enjoying all the milestones. Give her kisses from me.

  4. Kali Brewer

    What a beautiful child she is. She lights up my screen! It is such fun getting the updates now and then to see how she’s grown in so many ways. Absolutely amazing to me how quickly 6 months has gone by.

    Once upon a time I taught 3 – 12 month old infants (with their moms of course) to roll over and float. It was called “waterproofing” them. It was in southern CA where many, if not most, people has pools in their back yards. It was a life-saving technique for the babies, and it worked wonderfully. At least they could float until someone helped them out. To “graduate” they had to show that they could float for 15 minutes. They were generally able to float for as long as they needed to!

  5. Judy DuMont

    Shonnie and Bruce:

    What a marvelous first 6 months. You both are such wonderful, warm, nuturing parents! I admire and respect you so much for that. Gracelyn is a beautiful and happy baby! Looking forward to seeing her continue to blossom!

    With Love…Aunt Judy

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