Holy Days with Gracelyn

Gracelyn and the stocking Momma sewed

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, though I’m finding that I enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving more and more as the years go by.  Of course, didn’t someone once say that holidays are even better with a child around? (I’m certain there’s an exact quote somewhere but I don’t know what it is.) What I’m not sure I’ve ever heard, however, is that each day with our children is a Holy Day.

Is being a parent challenging? Yes. Is it more than I sometimes believe I can do well? Yes. Does caring for a child call on each and every skill I’ve ever needed in an “outside” job? Yep. Do I make mistakes and sometimes wish I had a moment to redo? Yes again.

Daddy & Gracelyn in front of the Christmas tree

Is being a parent something that calls forth the very best of my heart, soul, and mind? Yes. Is it more vivid, inspiring, and amazing than I ever could have imagined? Yes. Does caring for Gracelyn leave me breathless with awe, gratitude, and contentment? Yes. Am I still immeasurably blessed even when I’ve goofed? Yes. For these and countless more “yes”es, I have determined that now I don’t need to wait for a holiday to truly savor the breadth and depth of life’s joy. Every day with my beloved Gracelyn is a holy, holy day.

May you each find that which brings holiness, and wholeness, to your lives. Wishing you a blessing-full holiday season!


2 thoughts on “Holy Days with Gracelyn

  1. Beth Townsend

    Happy Holidays to your lovely family! And look at Gracelyn holding her head up so beautifully! I love seeing these pictures…keep ’em coming!

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