Our commitments to Gracelyn

Gracelyn is two months old today and this afternoon we made these commitments to her.

Gracelyn, age 2 months

Our vision for Gracelyn Lavender Mulkey
Gracelyn is exactly who she is meant to be. Her roots are vital, strong and supple, empowering her to be a grounded, self-confident and courageous individual who lives in the moment and willingly embraces all that Life brings her. She loves open-heartedly, respects others fully and acknowledges those around her for who they are and what they do. She herself is well-loved, respected and acknowledged. Gracelyn easily attracts all that she wants and needs—physically, emotionally and spiritually—then gratefully shares the abundance of these blessings.

Our commitments to Gracelyn
As your mommy and daddy, we will be and do all we can to love, nurture, and support you in this earthly life. Whether you are an infant, child, teenager or grown woman, we avow that we will be for you in all ways . . . always. Thus we commit to the following as your parents:

  • We will love you unconditionally, openly, enthusiastically and eternally.
  • We will create boundaries to help provide safe physical, emotional and spiritual spaces for you and continually adjust those boundaries until the time you leave the nest and fly.
  • We will guide you with gentleness and consistency, refusing to knowingly think, say, or do anything that harms or hinders you in any way.
  • We will communicate with you openly, honestly and directly at a level appropriate to your age and development.
  • We will introduce you to many different ways of being, doing and living and provide you opportunities to make your own choices so that you can ultimately find the beliefs, habits and life path that fit for you.
  • We will laugh, dance, sing, play, and have fun with you, cultivating joy, gratitude, and lightness in our lives.
  • We will practice forgiveness, asking for it from you and also extending it to you when needed.
  • We will treat you with equality, respecting your spiritual and human needs to fully express yourself, to have your complete range of emotions and to authentically be yourself.
  • We will be our authentic selves and work in harmony together as a loving, cohesive, resilient parent team, honoring each other as we care for you until you are of an age to fully support yourself.
  • We will regularly express our gratitude for the blessing you are in our lives and the honor we have of being your parents.
  • We will amend these commitments as you grow, so that our relationships always have a strong foundation of love, honor, and respect.

3 thoughts on “Our commitments to Gracelyn

  1. Kali Brewer

    What an amazing team Gracelyn has in her corner. With the love and consciousness you have she will flourish and be a blessing to all who meet her along her path.

    Though I was not as conscious when my children were as young as Gracelyn I will be the most wonderful Grandma I can be by making some similar commitments to my grandchildren.

    What wonderful qualities for parents to have. I will pray for more parents to do this for their children.

    Much love…Kali

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