Welcome Gracelyn Lavender Mulkey

Shonnie & Gracelyn at 15 hours newThe three of us got home from Mission Hospital mid-day Thursday exceedingly happy and very tired. Labor began on Labor Day and ended with the birth of Gracelyn Lavender Mulkey on Tuesday, September 7 at 7:37 p.m. Eastern. Our sweet baby girl weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces, was 19.25 inches long, and was exuberant from her very first breath. We will be writing more in the time to come, yet for right now, we’re doing little else than loving this most beloved child with all we’ve got.

Thank you for the continuous flow of love and support that you have showered on us. It was a healing balm to us in the tough parts of labor to know we were all encircled with compassion and care.


7 thoughts on “Welcome Gracelyn Lavender Mulkey

  1. Kali Brewer

    Such an angel isn’t she? (And Gracelyn ain’t too bad either!) Thank you so much for sharing this with us. So….Shonnie’s Labor Day truly was LABOR day… WOW… and what a LONG and laborious day it was. GOOD JOB SHONNIE!


    XOXOXOXO for the whole family.


  2. Cindy

    Silly sleepy love time to you all. Enjoy every bit. Let us know if you need to talk about anything! Bloody nipples, sore yoni, need i go on? 🙂 Big LOVE, Cindy

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