Help us have our envisioned birth

As we draw within a week of Baby Lavender-Mulkey’s due date, I get even more curious and excited about what the future holds. Curious best describes how I feel about labor and birth since there truly is no road map or outline of what I’ll feel and when I’ll feel it. I don’t have much fear — because I don’t have many “bad birth stories” to forget, because the entire pregnancy has been wonderfully easy, and because I am surrounded by such tremendous love and support. In fact, today at Jubilee, our minister of ritual, Howard Hanger, led all Jubilants in an evoking and lovely blessing for the three of us…which was simply one more affirmation of how fortunate and blessed we already are.

As we’ve both written before, however, we know that Baby’s birth is a co-creation that involves more than merely a mother, father, and child. Bringing a life into the world, and nurturing this life to be who he/she was made to be takes the hearts and hands of many good souls. So we wanted to share with you our vision for Baby’s birthday as well as some of what we are, and will be affirming throughout the birth process to keep us connected to the source of all life and one of the most vital partners in this creative endeavor (most are written from Shonnie’s perspective).

Affirmations about Shonnie

  • I am strong.
  • I am confident in my body, intuition, and innate wisdom.
  • I am relaxed.
  • I am able and willing to move through fear to a positive place.
  • I trust myself completely.

Affirmations about Baby

  • Our Baby is healthy and strong.
  • We trust our Baby completely.
  • Baby knows what he/she wants and needs.
  • Baby is excited to meet us.
  • Baby and Shonnie work together easily.

Affirmations about our birth team

  • I trust Bruce completely.
  • I have wonderful support.
  • We’re a great team.
  • We all work together.
  • We have an abundance of love and support surrounding us.
  • I trust our entire care team completely.

Affirmations about the process

  • I trust this process.
  • Our birth is a sacred, connecting, and joyful experience.
  • Everything happening is in the best and highest good.
  • Life is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.
  • We embrace the excitement and joy of this experience.

Thank you each for helping us hold these visions and affirm what we believe to be true about ourselves, our child, life, and the sacredness of this journey we’re on. Your love, support, encouragement, and joy are palpable to us and a great blessing, especially in these final weeks of pregnancy and the upcoming birth.


2 thoughts on “Help us have our envisioned birth

  1. Lynda Yvonne Letourneau

    May you continue to trust the love and life that is growing within you Shonnie….I am smiling looking at your lovely belly,,,so beautifully full. Let yourself feel your beauty within and without…
    Continue to trust and open…and prepare to surrender to the divine love you two are ringing into our wild and wonderful world…
    ALL will be WELL!!
    I look forward to meeting your angel child..

  2. Abby Bates

    I can hardly believe that the time of birth is just around the corner – any day now… Blessings upon all three of you !!!

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