Birthing a babe takes the right team

Most of us know the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” What we’ve found is that to have the right pregnancy (by “right” of course, I mean “that fits for you”), it takes the right people surrounding parents and babe. We feel so fortunate to have found the perfect people to help us through this exciting and miraculous time. Specifically we want to tell you a bit about our immediate care team.

Our doctors — We found the two women best aligned with us, our values, and our vision for shepherding this new life into our world. Drs. Lisa Lichtig and Susan Ehrsam (Family to Family medical practice) are loving souls, wise practitioners, honoring of our ideas and wishes, and fully engaged in our family’s journey. Their office feels like a home (based part on the physical atmosphere and part on who they and their office staff, Emily and Nicole, are) and coming in for our prenatal appointments feels like a visit with friends rather than a routine medical exam.

Our doulaMayari Waymouth is supporting us through the labor and some of the post-partum time as well. The four of us shared a lovely meal this week and started building a connection to carry us through this part of our journey. Mayari brings a grace and calmness to the process and, as Bruce remarked after she left, a youthful vitality that we think will help imbue this time with additional joy and peace (hard to imagine it’s possible for even more of these gifts to come into fruition). 🙂

Our childbirth educatorChama Woydak led us and four other amazing couples through a heart- and mind-opening childbirth preparation class. We thoroughly savored our six weeks of learning, connecting (with ourselves, other expectant parents, our baby), and envisioning this next adventure on life’s journey. The energy, enthusiasm, and experience that Chama (a doula as well as educator) offered helped us get clear on what we truly desired and empowered us to do our part to co-create that envisioned reality.

We offer our thanks to each of these women for being part of our team. Their partnership, love, support, and encouragement have been fantastic gifts and we trust that our Baby’s birth will be that much richer and fulfilling because we’ve been blessed to have these compassionate guides in our lives at this time.


6 thoughts on “Birthing a babe takes the right team

  1. It really does take a village, and we’re glad that all of y’all are part of our village. Marlisa, we’ve already been thinking about the baptism of our child at Jubilee sometime this fall . . . and maybe a continuation of the celebration downstairs afterwards. 🙂

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