It takes a village

Shonnie and I are overflowing with gratitude for the generosity of the folks in our community toward us and our baby. So many have stepped forward to ask how they could support us and our little one that it’s sometimes a bit challenging for me to really take it all in.

For example, friends, family and folks we barely know have sent blessings, prayers and good wishes. A couple of these:

Hey, you two! Congratulations on that most fabulous news! I just envisioned a place where souls might be hanging out before zooming into a newborn body. When word came to this special place that Bruce and Shonnie were next, every one of these “expectant” souls wanted so much to be chosen. “Pick me!  Pick me!” they shouted, hoping to be the one to be raised by such an incredible, nurturing, and loving couple.  🙂

peace & love
P & T

What an amazing article of faith. I wish you the healthiest and most wondrous pregnancy and birth. What a lucky being to have both of you as parents and guides.

With much love and support, R

Mothers share their wisdom with Shonnie as part of her initiation into motherhood

Though it’s a bit early, folks are volunteering to baby sit and offering opportunities for play dates. On his own, a four-year-old friend gave the crib he’d outgrown to our soon-to-be-born. Friends, relatives and neighbors have passed along lots of used items that are in excellent condition, including a well-worn blanket from my Mom made for me in 1943 by my great-grandmother Mae McCarthy. Boxes have arrived regularly via USPS and UPS filled with baby gear, many of the items handmade. A few weeks ago a man at Jubilee! who we really didn’t know presented us with a baby blanket he’d spent three weeks crocheting for us, and I know there’s another one being created as I write this. Another Jubilant gave us a fetascope so we could listen to our little one’s heartbeat. Shonnie has been gifted with free massages and energy work as well as lots of guesses as to the sex of our little one.

A "peace" onesie for baby!

Our friends have also honored us at a number of events. Shonnie’s co-workers held a baby shower for her; a couple insisted on hosting another one for us; a group of mothers held a rite of passage for Shonnie at a nearby neighbor’s home last weekend; and I’m going on a hike in the mountains with some dads sometime in August.

Furthermore, our birth team—our physicians and our doula—continue to provide exceptional guidance as we go through the sacred process of bringing this new life into the world.

Such an outpouring of love, enthusiasm and support . . . we’re both deeply touched. They say it takes a village, and we’re truly grateful that all of y’all are part of the village into which our child will be born.

From the bottom of our hearts . . . THANK YOU!


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