Baby is our spiritual teacher

Somewhere in the first few months of being pregnant, I was feeling concerned about whether or not I was doing all I could to help the growing life in my belly. I felt overwhelmed by all the things I “needed” to do to get Baby off to a good start. As I sat on our patio racking my brain for the next “to do” that Mommy needed to do, Baby, who I couldn’t yet physically feel, got my attention.

Baby’s message to me
Using images and some random words, Baby reassured my spirit. The message was this: Baby was doing all he/she could do to take care of his/her part of this journey. Baby was taking in nutrients that I supplied. Baby’s cells were dividing. Baby was developing thanks to all sorts of biologic processes. Baby was doing what a growing human life does at each step along the way. In addition to these actions, however, Baby was also trusting my womb — his/her world — and me — his/her unseen caretaker — to be nurturing, supportive, benevolent, and worthy partners. Baby knew that his/her job was to do his/her part — and that’s all…and that’s enough.

While I too am very trusting of Life and believe in the benevolence of the spiritual world, I often think that I have to cover all the bases myself if I want things to happen in the way I envision. This thinking is both the height of arrogance and the hole into which an unsure heart can sink (It’s also very familiar territory for a recovering perfectionist.). Thus I’m grateful for Baby for stirring my soul with the reminder that it’s not all up to me. It’s my job to do my part AND to trust Life (and others) to play the roles that are theirs to play.

This is one wise spiritual teacher in our lives. We couldn’t be more fortunate!


5 thoughts on “Baby is our spiritual teacher

    1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful Abraham quotes, Jana! Two I particularly resonated with are:

      “The Greatest Gift To Give To A Child: Your children came forth pure and eager and knowing that all is well, to try to remind those who have come before them of something that they have forgotten. And so, that’s why the generation gap will always be there. These bright young beings come forth feeling invincible, and their parents, who are not feeling so invincible, spend most of their life, teaching them to feel less and less invincible. And we say, how backwards is that? You’re wanting your children to be empowered. Self-empowered. That is the greatest gift that a parent can give to a child!”

      “Only through love can you return anyone to love. You cannot restore someone to their Connection with Source by belittling them or by punishing them, or by being disgusted with them. It is only through love that you can return anyone to love.”

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