The difference an outstanding partner makes

While I realize that some, perhaps even many mothers experience pregnancy without the support of a partner, I am indebted to Bruce for how he is already fathering this child by nurturing me. He attends to me in numerous ways, all of which enable me to put my energy into doing my part to grow a healthy baby. From the juice and smoothies he makes to start my day to the special snacks he packs for my lunch, he helps me get the nutrients baby and I need (nutrients which I might sometimes leave out without his involvement). He gives me back rubs, encourages me to nap, and does some of the physical tasks that I normally would have no problem doing. He comes to Beginning with Birth class each week ready to learn and to share in preparing for our child’s birthday. On the side he reads books for his/our edification and also makes time to read the baby stories several nights a week. He comes to every prenatal appointment and has already been asking when we’re taking the hospital tour. Bottom line, he is already proving himself to be a world-class dad who is dedicated to the well-being of his child.

Even though I’ve been carrying and feeding Baby Lav-Mulk each and every step of the way since conception, I’ve been carried much of that way by daddy’s love and dedication. Thank you, darling for being, once again, an outstanding partner with whom I can share life’s journey.


3 thoughts on “The difference an outstanding partner makes

  1. Kali

    Bruce is the father that most women dream of! It would be lovely if a film could be used showing his attitude and actions. Then use the film to show high school boys, perhaps in a “fatherhood” curriculum that is required before you graduate. Very few men have much of a model, so he could be that model for LOTS of young men.

    How lovely it must be to know that you are sooooooo loved.

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