Baby Talk

I have long been someone who talks aloud to myself, especially when I’m running or stretching myself in some physical endeavor. It’s no surprise to me, then, that talking to Baby Lav-Mulk has come naturally to me…especially when I’m out for a trail run. The monologue topics vary, but usually center on some of what I’ve learned in life. Here’s a recent sampling.

  • The importance of knowing yourself and what’s right for you — I talked to our baby about listening to your heart and inner voice and trusting the wisdom offered there. I said that it’s important to make your own decisions about what’s “right” and “wrong” for you rather than merely accepting the opinions of others or dictates of your culture.
  • Having courage to restart a journey after hitting an obstacle — After falling on my run (hit only my hands and knees; my reflexes and momma protective instinct are intact), I shared with Baby Lav-Mulk how I attempt to handle such bumps in the road. I encouraged my child to check oneself out to ensure the damage (physical or emotional) is only minor, and then slowly pick back up where you left off, not because you have to but because you want to and can.
  • Being an encourager (of others and yourself) — In one of my most heart felt (and tear strewn) talks, I shared with the baby what a gift it is to be a giver of encouragement. I mentioned that, in my life experience, many people lacked encouraging voices in their lives and that Baby Lav-Mulk would be blessed to be someone who could offer that gift to them, helping them regain their vision, believe in themselves, or otherwise have faith that the possibilities before them were many. I also said how valuable it was to be your own encourager for those times when other inspiring voices were absent.

Although technically these talks are one-sided, I imagine that Baby Lav-Mulk is taking them in. I often mention to him/her that I strongly believe he/she has had many previous lives and may well know anything I tell him/her already (and probably even more than I know). I also say that I hope he/she knows that these talks are all from a place of love and that I share them as a way of connecting our lives from the very beginning. It’s a gift our child has already given me and I feel so blessed for his/her presence in my life.

Did you talk with your baby before he/she was born? What was this experience like for you? What did you talk about? We’d be delighted to hear your stories, so please share.


8 thoughts on “Baby Talk

  1. Abby Bates

    How fortunate your baby will be to have you and Bruce as his/her parents !!~ You talks with your baby are real…ly neat and a natural extension of your work

  2. Albie

    My OB/GYN, almost 50 years ago, suggested that I read, talk, sing, and do arithmetical functions outloud while I was pregnant. I thought he was crazy, but I did it anyway. My father-in-law spoke no English and he could sing a little so he sang Spanish songs while placing his hand on my belly. Somehow he was positive he was singing to a baby boy, so he gave him “manly” advice, read him poetry by poets I had never heard of, and made sure that I ate plenty of fruit and veggies and drank tons of water during the entire pregnancy. He said the baby would be born much wiser and with an “old soul” because of the positive things he learned in vitro.

    1. Albie what a sweet story, especially about how your father-in-law connected with your baby! I love it when Bruce touches my tummy and has his own conversations with the little one. It feels so sacred.

  3. Althea

    I beg to challenge the perception that the chats are one-sided. Perhaps it is baby Lav-Mulk who is providing the content into your mind which then you are speaking out loud? A beautiful closed circuit audio transmission? I know that often times what I told Allijah is what my higher self was telling me. 🙂

    Allijah had a lot of communication in utero. We talked to him, sang to him, played flute to him. He also clearly expressed his desires early on (no Ben & Jerry’s mom!) and spoke to me in dreams.

    With a pregnancy, there is such a union that it is impossible to truly know where one being ends and the other begins. The two souls are dancing together, intertwined. It is a beautiful connection!

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