Gratitude overwhelm

Since we officially announced the pending arrival of Baby Lav-Mulk, we’ve been inundated with love, kind wishes, generous offers, and even material gifts. Today as I was out walking I began to cry with gratitude for your overwhelming show of support. My mind wondered “what did I do to deserve this?” Then it came to me that this is the way life works. Love is met with love. Our child, who is, like all of us, is a child of god, and came to be through love. Thus, it seems to me, that love is being drawn back to this child, and the two of us lucky enough to get to be her/his parents.

This entire experience reminds me of our intention and vision for this journey. We desire community, a supportive, loving, and nurturing group (both physically and spiritually in nature), in which our child can be born and grow into who the creator made her/him to be and we can be supported to be who we were made to be in this experience. Thank you all for WHO you are and HOW you are being with us as we make this journey. We are truly overwhelmed by the tremendous love flowing through our lives and hearts.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude overwhelm

  1. What a beautfiul blog posting Shonnie!

    I love what you said here: “Love is met with love”. That’s certainly the way of it! As I said to you Sat. evening, if everyone having children went into it with a similar consciousness, deliberate intention, and love for each other that you and Bruce have, the world would be a more evolved, conscious, loving place. I’m thrilled for you both!! 🙂 Much love, Barbara

  2. Thank you for such a deep acknowledgment, Barbara. I feel blessed to share my life with such an intentional man. Having a vision and intention certainly helps ground me, and now I’m working to cultivate patience and forgiveness for the many times when my results don’t match my intentions. Life is a continual learning process (thank goodness).

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