Our vision for this new life

As with anything important Shonnie and I undertake, we spent lots of time envisioning and planning for what we’re aspiring to create. Parenthood is no different, so we’ve been devoting a fair amount of time to thinking about what matters most to us about this journey, how do we want to experience it, what way do we want to be with our child, etc. At this point what we have is a clear vision for the pregnancy. We want to share it with you, primarily in order to get your support in holding this same vision with us as we travel life’s path these next 6 months.

Our Intention: We intend to gratefully and gracefully receive this gift of new life into our lives and our family. We will honor the responsibility we’ve been granted and savor the joy of this pregnancy and the parenting experience. We will nurture this growing life with love, attention, tenderness, strength and joy, creating a healthy, easy, and joyful pregnancy as we wait for baby’s birth. We will open ourselves to growing even more fully into who we were meant to be, and we will support our child to grow fully into he or she is meant to be. We intend to trust Life and nature as well as the wisdom we each carry within. We will also do our best to foster community throughout this process—both to support us on this journey as well as to forge deep connections in this world that will soon be welcoming a new member.

Our Vision: In a thoughtful and natural way, we begin making the transitions necessary to shift our blissful family life for six (2 humans, 4 cats) to a blissful family life for seven. We are well supported through the entire process, easily getting all that we envision emotionally, spiritually, materially, and physically—it’s evident that this was the path our lives were meant to take. Nothing we presently enjoy about our lives disappears during this time and much of our lives become even richer, more joyful, loving, and connected. Shonnie is healthy and well throughout the entire pregnancy, and the delivery of our baby is all that we desire and more. Our kitties still receive ample affection, attention, and love. They are welcoming to our newest family member and become dear and beloved companions of our growing child. Bruce is a tremendously supportive father and partner to Shonnie. He feels intimately connected to our baby and is fully involved in the pregnancy and birth process. Shonnie is a loving, compassionate, lighthearted and devoted mother who shares herself fully with our baby as well as Bruce and the kitties. Our physical space easily, comfortably, and safely accommodates our enlarged family while remaining simple, energy efficient, and truly nurturing to body and soul. Our families, friends, and care team do all that we envisioned they would and more. This draws us even closer and helps create a truly joyful and supportive community that endures long past this birth process. The visions and plans that we create for each part of this life adventure help keep us grounded, allow for a smooth-flowing ride, and enable the best and highest good to come into being each step along the way.

If you are willing to hold this vision (and we sincerely hope you will be), we ask you to do so as we make the transition to this new phase of our lives. With love and gratitude to each of you for your presence in our lives.


11 thoughts on “Our vision for this new life

  1. Jennifer Monroe

    Bruce and Shonnie,

    We met at some LT events long ago and I remember you well- through the marvels of Facebook, I stumbled onto your exciting news! I admire your clarity and vision and willingness to embrace this fully! Here is a link to a fabulous huge consignment event that happens in Knoxville several times each year:

    Consignment stores have been a major part of raising our family with three children and there is even a consignment store for teenagers in Knoxville!

    Best wishes to you!

  2. anna i. reality

    my heart is so full for you all, as this very special part of your journey unfolds. it’s so wonderful that you have included us in this way.
    honestly, a couple of weeks ago i noticed as you two were sitting across the room from me at jubilee, there was some seriously beautiful light coming from the both of you. now i know why!
    shonnie, if you will allow me, i would like to treat you to a massage, at your convenience. i have been trained in prenatal massage, have 12 years experience, & am always honored to participate in bringing relief from the stresses & strains that accompany this wonderful miracle. you probably haven’t reached that point yet, but i hope you’ll remember my offer, when the time comes. I have several jubilant references, and you may learn more about me on our website http://www.ashevilletouchtherapy.com
    again, congratulations! it’s going to be such a wonderful adventure!
    thanks again for sharing your joy! warmly, anna i. reality, lmbt #3866 252-2662

  3. Thanks a lot for your acknowledgment, Jennifer. And thanks for the helpful hint about the consignment event in Knoxville. There is a similar one over here but may want to attend the one in Knoxville too.

    Hey, Anna, Shonnie really appreciates your massage offer and plans to take you up on it. And, yes, I realize Shonnie has been aglow; I didn’t realize I was too!

    Hey, Wally, about that beer . . . But, seriously, Shonnie and I appreciate your kind words and look forward to spending some time with you.

  4. Jana

    I absolutely love this post! The clarity of your intention and the beauty of your vision will serve all seven of you well!

    1. Thank you, Jana. This vision is already being realized. What I think is that our crystal clear visions (this one, the one we had for our wedding, the one we have for our marriage) are truly the voice of spirit telling us what is and what will be. It’s simply that we clearly received it and put it on paper, rather than us “thinking it up” independently. It’s truly miraculous and awe-inspiring when this happens!

  5. Wow, congratulations Shonnie…
    I saw the link via Lance’s site/post which showed your belly. I’m so happy for you and Bruce. An amazing new chapter to your life and you’ll be fabulous parents. Look forward to following your journey and seeing pictures. Let me know if you’re ever in British Columbia. I’ve been us to so many creative things but not as wonderful as yours
    Many blessings to you both.


  6. Thanks so much for your compassionate comments, Charleen, Abby and Robin. Me, Shonnie and Baby L-M are grateful to have you in our lives, especially during this special time. Namaste.

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