An old-fashioned momma?

Back in January I bought the first clothing for BabyLM via an REI gift card we’d received for Christmas. I got a great SmartWool hat and mitten set and patagonia fleece jacket on sale that the little one can wear during the first and second winter’s of her/his life. Part of my vision, however, is to make our child things rather than rely on store-bought goods. That means that hopefully we’ll be making some baby-food, clothing, and maybe even some toys from time to time. Though technically it’s not clothing, I have actually made my first baby-related item that I really look forward to using…a baby sling.

My kitty in the new baby slingI found a great, free baby sling pattern that even a new sewer like me could make. I picked out some great organic cotton and got to work. I finished it last weekend and gave it a test run with two of our cats, Bandit and Kaali (Kaali is the sweet girl in the photo). It was comfortable for me, accommodating for the kitties, and seems like it will work great for carrying a little human. Plus now it’s christened with cat hair so baby will feel right at home. 🙂

Today Bruce and I are heading to the fabric store for him to choose the fabric so I can make his sling. Yea!

By the way, if you have any baby-food recipes, clothing patterns, or suggestions for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects for new parents, please post links in the comments section or email me. Thanks!


14 thoughts on “An old-fashioned momma?

  1. I love the sling and the happy kitty inside. Both my cat and my dog allow us to hold them like babies, but I am not sure we need a sling for them yet. My mom gave me this book awhile ago and I thought you’d be interested. Feeding the Whole Family: Whole Foods Recipes for Babies, Young Children and Their Parents by Cynthia Lair. It is primarily vegetarian, and one of my favorites. My mom got it a booksale, so I have no idea if it is print. It might be worth hunting down.

  2. Way to go, girl. If you don’t already have a small food processor, it’s completely worth the investment. We were members of a CSA (community supported agriculture) when Luke was born and every week I took some of the veggies and cooked and processed them for him. That’s all he ate (besides breast milk and rice cereal) for the first year of his life. If you aren’t a member of a CSA yet, now would be a great time to join. And if you think you’ll have enough time for it this year, get a larger share than you need for you and Bruce and blanch and freeze the extra greens so they are ready to process when you need them. Also, if Bruce is willing to be on diaper duty, using cloth instead of disposable is very doable and so much cheaper than buying throw-aways. If you get the unbleached organic ones (great baby shower ask) and can hang them up at least part of the time, you’ll be so kind to our earth!

    1. Great suggestions, Laura. We’ve been CSA members before though for the past several years we’ve had our own garden (our garden blog) and hope to do so again this year. Since Bruce will be chief gardener, however, looking into the CSA might be a good idea again. We also are learning toward cloth diapers (for multiple reasons) and likely will have those on a gift wish list if that’s the direction we go. Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Cindy Esselstyn

    I’m so impressed with the sling! S

    Super Baby Food is a good book too. Ruth (author) is a bit “over the top” but great ideas, recipes and charts. I’ll probably have my copy back by the time you’re ready for it if you’d like to wait. Or, Littlest Birds and Childrens Trading Post often have used copies.

    I’ve made Hattie some great sweater pants. Search for “sweater pants” and you’ll get a million and six ideas. They are super for crawlers! Current sewing projects are “boo boo bags” and “moon pads”. Fun times!

    If you want to talk cloth dipes we can do that too! 🙂

    LMK if you’d like to check out our crib. We’ll be finished with it by the time lil bit comes.

    I’m so happy for you and Bruce.



  4. Jenny

    Way to go, Shonnie. Bruce, too!
    I highly recommend an adjustable sling. I used one with Morgan for most of the first 9 mos of her life. Her mother never liked it, but I loved it and so did Morgan. She slept and slept, and I could edit and take a walk and talk on the phone and vacuum the carpet, and and and without disturbing her.

  5. Meg Bennett

    Shonnie and Bruce,I never met you Shonnie,but worked with Bruce on the Obama campaign in OH. The sling is a great idea,I used one with my daughter Jenni,15 yrs.ago. I still have it if you want a third one.We are simplifying our life and I am getting rid of many things from when Jenni was a baby ,I should have years ago. I will look through them,and see if there is anything worth sending you.Best wishes,and lots of positive energy.

    1. Meg, thank you for your generous offer. We’re glad to receive any useful baby supplies that you’re ready to release into the world. Thank you also for the kind wishes. I’m doing my best to soak them all in!

  6. Hi, Jen. Sounds like the baby sling really worked well for you and your granddaughter. The one Shonnie’s going to make for me will have peace signs in the pattern of the fabric. And like Shonnie, I plan to try it out on the kitties assuming, of course, that they’re up for it.

    Thanks a lot for the positive energy, Meg, and if you want to send the baby sling you used with Jenni to us, we’d be grateful to have a spare. Hope the snow has melted up there in Ohio. The last little bit finally turned to water here yesterday.

    Love and gratitude to both of y’all as well as all other visitors here.

  7. Annie Rone

    For our first born, we made everything!!! Poor third baby got crumbs. : )
    However, if you haven’t heard this tip yet, you need to use ice trays to freeze your homemade baby food. After they freeze, pop them out and store them in a freezer bag. That way you can make large quantities and have perfect portions when it is time to thaw and feed baby!
    Good luck!!

    1. Thank you, Annie for the tips re baby food. Given the feedback we’ve gotten, this sounds like a great DIY activity for us. It looks to me like all your “babies” have thrived, regardless of whether or not they got homemade or not. 🙂

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