Shonnie’s Pregnancy (so far)

As I write this I am 14 weeks pregnant…starting the 2nd trimester. Yea!! I feel very fortunate as I’ve felt quite healthy and nearly normal this entire time. In January I was quite tired and had a challenging time adjusting to my new nutritional goals (i.e., eating a lot more protein than I’ve ever consciously tried to do). I found myself hating the idea of eating and feeling emotionally overwhelmed by worry that I wasn’t getting the baby enough of the right nutrients. Fortunately we met with a good friend of ours who is an excellent nutritionist (Elizabeth Pavka) who was so adept at helping us solve the dilemmas that I was having. I’m now back to enjoying food, getting the baby all the right nutrients to develop fully, and being at peace with this part of the process.

Making room for Baby Lav-Mulk at 13 weeks

I’ve gained about 10 pounds which has slowed me down at running and I have enough of a belly that I wish I could wear pajama pants all the time. 🙂 On February 16 we heard Baby Lav-Mulk’s heartbeat for the first time and it was utterly magical. We laughed and cried as we listened to that muscle thumping away with a strong and steady beat. Even now the memory of that moment brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.

I feel especially blessed to be sharing this experience with my parents (Bob and Deb, Chuck and Linda, Jeri and Arlen, and Bruce’s mom, Sue). Even though my mom’s no longer alive, her spirit stops by now and then to check in with me and the baby. I’ll also be finishing up a cross-stitched baby blanket that she started before she died so her grandchildren would have something she created in their lives. What an honor to get to finish that gift and give it to my own baby.


3 thoughts on “Shonnie’s Pregnancy (so far)

  1. Anne Heck

    Shonnie and Bruce — Congratulations to you both! I’m soooo excited for you. I know you’ll both be wonderful parents. Let me know how I can support you on your blessed journey.

  2. Susan Seipelt

    Your news is so wonderful. I smile just thinking about it. Look forward to following your blog. Enjoy. Susan and Doug

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